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What is a Source of Funds check?

As a responsible operator, Vera John Casino Online Login Live conducts background checks on all players as part of our account verification process. We do this to protect you from identity theft, and to make sure our site is a secure and safe place for you to play.

You might also be asked to provide additional information to confirm the Source of Funds you use to play. This is primarily to ensure that your gambling activity is affordable, we don’t want you to bet outside your means, and we’re certain you don’t either! Source of Funds checks also help us to screen for fraudulent or criminal activity, such as money laundering, which is a requirement of our SGA license.

We’d like to reassure you that just because we might ask you for a source of funds check, that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. All it means is that your account activity has reached a certain threshold and triggered an automatic process.

How do you carry out Source of Funds checks?

We collect background information using Open-source intelligence techniques, that’s just another way of saying we collect data from publicly available sources, like Google search and social media. We also use providers like Bisnode AB to collect information about our players.

On top of that, we ask players like you to help us out by providing documentary evidence to confirm the source of the funds you use to play on our site.

Vera John Casino Online Live Login is run by a group of funky and charming individuals that have been in the business for a long time. We know the importance of listening to our members in order to create the best casino adapted to our users’ needs. So if you have any comments or questions please let us know!

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