Cricket Galore Leaderboard

Baji Casino introduces the Cricket Galore Leaderboard, a promotion specially designed for cricket enthusiasts. With a ₹100 Million prize pool this leaderboard competition presents an opportunity for players to enjoy the thrill of cricket betting while aiming for significant rewards.

Whether you’re a cricket betting enthusiast or just a casual fan this promotion adds a layer of excitement to the game. Compete with players, showcase your cricket knowledge and stand a chance to win big with one of the substantial rewards in online betting.

150% Fishing Bonus

For those who love fishing games Baji presents the 150% Fishing Bonus. This bonus aims to enhance your winnings and bring added excitement to your gaming sessions. Whether you’re spinning the reels of your slots or trying your luck, with thrilling fishing games the 150% Fishing Bonus gives players an advantage.

Live Casino Bonus

If you enjoy the experience of casino and table games Baji has an amazing offer, for you. Take advantage of their 50% Casino Bonus! This special bonus is designed to elevate your gaming experience in the casino section, where popular games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and Roulette come alive with dealers. With the 50% Casino Bonus you’ll have funds to enjoy your favorite table games making your gaming experience even more enriching and rewarding.

Refund Bonus for Sports

We understand that sports betting can sometimes be uncertain. That’s why Baji is introducing their 50% Refund Bonus for Sports. This promotion acts as a safety net by giving players a 50% refund on their losses, in sports betting.

Weekly Reload Bonus Offer of ₹10,000

At Baji they value consistency and reward it through the Weekly Reload Bonus Offer of ₹10,000. This ongoing promotion gives players the chance to start each week with funds, for their gaming activities.

1% Cash Rebate

For fans of slot games and fishing adventures Baji introduces the 1% Cash Rebate. A bonus that adds value to your gaming sessions. Every time you spin those slot reels or embark on fishing quests you’ll receive a 1% cash rebate, on all your gameplay activities. This gesture ensures that players get a reward regardless of winning or losing. It contributes to a more satisfying gaming experience overall. The 1% Cash Rebate is a way of recognizing and appreciating the time players invest in these games.

It’s worth noting that each of these promotions comes with terms and conditions which include requirements, for placing bets and time limits for redemption. We encourage players to check the promotion page on the Baji platform in order to stay informed and take full advantage of these exciting bonus opportunities.


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