As an unregistered user, you can explore the pages and features of the Labha7 Casino Online website. You’ll fail to reach only selected sections, such as the user profile. You’ll even be allowed to launch games in Demo mode to train. When you try to launch a game in Play mode, a popup window will appear in the center of the page, inviting you to register. Otherwise, you can click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page to access this window.

The Labha7 administration understands that most people want to get down to gambling as fast as possible. That’s why the registration form is very concise. You’ll only need to:

  • Share your email and password
  • Select the currency — BDT is the only option so far
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the platform
  • Confirm that you’re aged 18 or older

The link to the terms and conditions is clickable. It’s highly recommended that you read this document till the end before signing up. Even though is long, it’s well-structured and contains a lot of useful information about games, bonuses and payouts. You’ll discover some details there that we don’t mention in our review.

The system will automatically assign a unique ID to you. It will be visible in your user profile. To enter the profile, click the icon with a human head in the top right corner. You won’t be able to edit your ID, country, time zone and currency. But you’ll be allowed to modify your email and password as well as indicate your name and birth date.

The interface of the user profile is well thought out. It features the most important personal information about the player, without being overloaded with excessive details. In the left column, you can switch between:

  • Wallet widget
  • Your account information
  • Transaction history
  • Game history
  • Bonuses
  • Support chat

The transaction history is a highly useful tab. It lets you track all your deposits and withdrawals with IDs, amounts, dates, payment systems and statuses. If it seems to you that a transaction takes longer than usual, you can contact the support crew and show the data about the operation.

The game history displays the titles that you played with real cash. Sometimes, you like a game but forget to add it to your favorites and can’t remember its name. In such a situation, open the game history and you’ll find the title there.

The My Bonuses tab shows the promotional offers that are available personally to you and that you can activate by clicking the Get button.

With all the other buttons in the left column of the profile, everything is rather obvious.

Fast and Easy Verification

When a casino gets a license, it commits itself to international gambling standards. One of the crucial norms is verifying the identity of each new client. This measure helps to prevent money laundering, identity thefts, fraud and other types of nefarious behavior. It ensures that every gambler has come of age and is allowed to legally place cash bets.

To complete the verification, you should:

  • 1. Send your passport and household bill to the administration.
  • 2. Wait for a maximum of 72 hours for the approval.

Instead of your passport, you can submit an ID or another government-issued document that features your name, photo and birth date.

The household bill needs to bear your name on it and be issued no longer than 90 days ago. It will prove that you live in a territory where you’re allowed to gamble for cash.

The casino managers have the right to ask you for additional documents or a video call. It won’t take long and won’t require too much effort from you. All the customers who have good intentions successfully pass the verification.


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